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Sue has been working with individuals and couples preparing them for birth and parenting in Melbourne since 2005.  She also runs new parent groups that aims to support the transition to becoming a parent. 

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Nurturing the New Mother


A unique and nurturing space that aims to provide support for this transition to becoming a new mother and build community. 


Birth Preparation & Workshops


Practical and emotional preparation and support for your birth and journey to becoming a parent

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Thriving as a New Mother

Facilitated by Sue Power


Supporting the transition to becoming a new parent and building your community.  

Becoming a parent is a unique journey, one that begins even before pregnancy. How you are treated and cared for during this time influences your experience of the beginning of your journey as a parent. Coming together in a small, intimate group and co-creating a safe, inclusive, non-judgmental and nurturing space to talk about challenges and joys you are experiencing as a new parent, provides an environment that can reduce common feelings of isolation, provide an understanding of your emotional responses and longed-for connection and community. Through the support of the group we aim to help you find your own way whilst also finding new perspectives and access to your unique inner wisdom and knowing that will support the decisions you make as a parent.  This is not a 'how-to-parent' group. This is about reconnecting with yourself and building your community.  
Over the 9 weeks we aim to support you by practising and exploring practices that allow you to be more present and connected with yourself, your baby and in other significant relationships in your life.

Each week a different theme is explored. These include identity, love, relating, sexuality and pleasure, family values and rituals, community and creative parenting. This course is all about you and supporting you in navigating this extraordinary and momentous transition that is often misunderstood and devalued. This is not about adding something extra to your list of ‘to-dos’. Self kindness and compassion, mindfulness, relating and communication skills are key foundations of the course.  


In person courses in Thornbury: $380 for the full 9 weeks   

This course welcomes all women and persons who have given birth - one parent families, first time or second, third time parents, LGBTQIA+ parents, and BIPOC parents. Babies up to the age of 6 months, are welcomed within the space we create together. The cost includes comprehensive emails and resources, supportive weekly practices and access to guided relaxations.  

Next groups for 2024 

Thornbury on Mondays 10am to 12 midday starting 8th of April (contact Sue if interested in joining us)

Mothers Talking Circles following on from the THRIVE groups (TBA)




Practical and emotional birth preparation and education


After 18 years of running birth courses, Sue will be taking a break from workshops during 2024 

Please contact Sue for information regarding other options and referrals. 

If you are interested in counselling sessions to debrief previous births and prepare emotionally for your next birth please contact Sue to arrange a first appointment.  Partners and birth support can also be included in these sessions. 

Through working with women in birth for over 20 years, Sue has witnessed and worked alongside many hundreds of women during their births.  She has always felt in awe of the birthing body and what women can achieve and believes it is a privilege to be a witness to it. Her workshops have evolved over 18 years and draw on her own experience as well as contemporary birth physiology and neuroscience giving couples a greater understanding of the birthing process whilst aiming to understand and work with fear and anxiety. With greater knowledge and understanding, women and their partners are able to feel confident to make informed decisions around their birth choices.


The workshops combine an understanding of the role the mind and body connection plays during labour, how this influences the hormones of labour and birth and practical skills for managing pain, sensations and challenges of labour, that include breathing, relaxation and visualisation techniques, positioning and massage. The role of partners/support people is an integral part fo the course.  Life after birth and what support is needed during this transition to parenthood is also included.


This comprehensive course welcomes all women and persons who are pregnant - one parent, first time or second, third time parents, LGBTQIA+ and BIPOC women.  This course is also designed to be complementary to all models of care – private or public, birth centre or home-birth and is not an alternative to the birthing choices you have already made. You will gain practical knowledge and skills whether this is your first or third baby, or hoping to achieve a vaginal birth after a previous caesarean (VBAC). Refresher classes are also available for subsequent pregnancies.  

Weekend workshops run from 9am to approx. 5pm over two days. 




Taking a break for the rest of this year and hope to see you when I return!

Please get in touch regarding other options for birth preparation and support. 

* Affiliated Private Health Funds that may be applicable for rebates: Teachers Federation Health, NIB, Australian Unity, BUPA Australia, AHM, The Doctors Health Fund, CBHS, GU Health and Defence Health will cover part of the costs of birth education classes run by a Midwife or Midwifery Antenatal Services* depending on your level of cover.
(HCF, Manchester Unity, RT Health, Latrobe Health, GMHBA, Medibank Private do not cover any costs for privately run birth classes).
*This is subject to change depending on the particular insurer.  Please refer to them to see if your level of cover will allow you to apply for rebates. 

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