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Sue Power is an ACA registered counsellor, and brings to her counselling a non-judgemental approach founded on empathy and respect for individual circumstances. Sue’s philosophy is one of supporting growth and wellbeing. Her humanistic approach includes mindfulness and focusing orientated therapy. Sue aims to support you through the many transition in life that can include the experiences of grief and loss, and symptoms of anxiety & depression.

Both in-person and online counselling sessions are available. 


Individual counselling

Counselling can support you with the many challenges and experiences in life. Please contact Sue to find out how she can best support you. 


Birth debriefing

Birth debriefing can be a starting point to begin to understand, and process grief and loss associated with your birth story, allowing for integration and healing over time. It will also be beneficial in supporting the transition to parenting.


Individual counselling

Individual Counselling for anxiety, depression, grief & loss, life transitions, stress management

Why Counselling?

Counselling provides a supportive, safe and collaborative environment to work with the grief and loss of life transitions, and anxiety and depression.  Counselling can assist in developing greater awareness, clarity and perspective in decision making, a deepening understanding of yourself and your relationships with others.


Support during pregnancy and preparing for birth, transition to parenting, parenting support

Pregnancy and birth signifies profound changes both physically and emotionally. Previous experiences & trauma, a difficult journey to becoming pregnant, the physical adaptations of pregnancy, and outcomes of the birth experience can profoundly affect a woman’s ability to connect with the joy of being pregnant and subsequent bonding with her baby.

Changes during pregnancy and birth affect a woman individually but also within a partnership. Unexpected feelings and emotions may develop that can be difficult to understand and process. Past mental health concerns or experiences may re-emerge and intensify. A woman’s sense of self, beliefs and values may be challenged and may also reveal or heighten difficulties within interpersonal relationships.


A history of depression or anxiety may predispose women to perinatal anxiety and depression. Counselling support during pregnancy and post-birth can bring greater awareness and assist to heal old patterns of relating that may affect your birthing and parenting experiences. It can assist to expand and improve the significant relationships in your life as you adapt to the changes associated with becoming a parent.

Individul counselling

Birth debriefing


The way women birth matters. Recent statistics reveal increasing rates of women who experience complicated and traumatic births. There may be past traumas that emerge, and a woman’s experience of pregnancy and after birth that is needing attention, not just the birth. It is important that a woman feels safe & supported, nurtured, cared for, respected and listened to throughout her pregnancy, during and following the birth, that will allow her to move forward confidently into her journey as a mother. If this experience was not one that felt safe, respected and cared for, women can experience a range of feelings and symptoms that can have long-lasting effects and contribute to perinatal anxiety and depression. Talking about your previous birth can be a starting point towards being able to understand, process and integrate your experience, which supports healing and change over time. An initial birth debrief may also benefit from further exploration of the emotions and feelings connected to your birth and past experiences over a number of sessions.

Birth debriefing
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